Why Does Learning 3D Seem Impossible?

Here’s how to make it easier and save you some time.

By Mike Arroyo, CAD Guru and Happiness Advocate
Even when you have years of CAD experience drawing in 2D, why does learning 3D seem so impossible? Being bright, motivated and able to understand complex software is an advantage, but never the sole reason why someone masters the 3D design world. It has everything to do with the right training methodology and materials.

Learning 3D with Axiom’s LearningBay courses will have you up and productive in no time. If you’re already familiar with 3D, the searchable courses provide an excellent reference tool.

Years ago, I attended an expensive 3D training event, ready to jump into 3D design. After two long days of disjointed training, discussing how tools work but never when to use them or why, the class spent the last remaining day modeling a sheet metal screw. I still recall the student next to me wondering how he was going to model refinery equipment, thinking that he had to build every nut and bolt.
So, how concepts are presented and what materials are being used does make a difference. The next natural question to ask is “What does good 3D training look like?” While it’s true that people learn in different ways, I’ve found that when a course includes these key items, people are able to use the information and can now start building 3D designs:

  • Modular training materials — Lessons must be organized, easy to follow, gradually building concepts while introducing related tools and functions, at the right time. Exposing students to unrelated commands will create confusion and makes 3D modeling more difficult to learn.
  • Real-world examples — Every learning module must include real-world examples that illustrate the concepts being discussed. The training should explore what makes these examples great and the materials in the examples should be included with the training.
  • Self-paced exercises — There is nothing like a solid, self-paced exercise. Good step-by-step labs explain necessary procedures, while providing all of the related details necessary to build the 3D models or generate 2D designs from 3D models.

The traffic light shown at the beginning of this article is just one of dozens of examples and step-by-step labs waiting for you to master. Learning 3D design doesn’t have to hard, the materials just have to be easy!

LearningBay, Axiom’s training division, set out to create the best possible 3D training, delivered right to your desk with something as simple as a web browser. They successfully built small, modular 3D courses, complete with sample DGNs and step-by-step labs. Today, Axiom has the most extensive 3D browser-based learning for MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 3 available, with over 40 courses.
What makes Axiom’s LearningBay 3D training so good? Schedule a demonstration and you will see within the first minute.

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