Mastering MicroStation 3D

Why it’s like building a birdhouse.

Mike Arroyo, Microstation Advocate, Philosopher And Birdhouse Fan — I didn’t know that building a birdhouse when I was young would be so important to me later in life. But it taught me an excellent lesson in how to teach MicroStation 3D to anyone. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. I recently recalled one of my most memorable learning experiences when I was a young boy while I was reviewing some of the MicroStation 3D online courses that Axiom has.


Mastering MicroStation 3D has more in common with building a birdhouse than you might think.

My father, a successful machinist who always worked with his hands, set aside a few hours one Saturday morning to teach me how to use his tools to build a birdhouse. My excitement quickly dissipated to despair when I realized that Dad had a different idea than I did on how this project would go down. Before I could build a birdhouse, he demanded that I master each of the required tools — one hammer, two saws, an assortment of nails, sand paper, glue and paint brushes.

For what seemed like hours, wearing working gloves that were never going to fit, he made me cut scrap lumber and inspected it to see if the cuts were straight. I hammered a hundred nails until I was able to drive them into the wood without bending them. He was deaf to my constant question of “When am I going to build a birdhouse?” until I demonstrated that I could lay down an even bead of glue. Just when I was about to quit and leave the garage, he announced that I was ready. He provided the wood I needed and in thirty minutes, I built the best looking birdhouse in Chicago, ready to paint.

So how does this story connect with learning MicroStation 3D? It’s really simple. The online courses that I’ve put together teach you how to master MicroStation 3D modeling tools, one concept and tool at a time. There are over 50 self-paced video courses that are organized into small, digestible modules with plenty of examples that you watch and then do. There are also sample files with the courses — your very own scrap pieces of wood to work with.

As topics, functions and tools become more complex, the models you create follow in complexity. Each course is designed to provide you with great modeling experience and confidence. And because each course is presented in small, manageable modules, lessons can be learned in minutes. So, even though the courses are stuffed with all the information you need, you’ll find yourself rapidly getting through them, all at your pace.

Learning is my passion and not just my job. Building that birdhouse would be the only time my father and I would build something together. But the lessons I learned while building it still drive me today. I encourage you to learn MicroStation 3D modeling, one step at a time with our LearningBay courses. I’ll make sure you have everything you need to learn.

Master MicroStation 3D!
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