GEOPAK V8i Libraries and Courses Descriptions

Courses are concise and contain many tutorials that are laid out in a suggested order. However students can start with any course or tutorial to meet job demands. Courses are grouped into libraries that provide a systematic approach to learning that helps ensure users can apply the data they learn on real-world projects. Below are descriptions of each GEOPAK V8i course available.

GEOPAK V8i Site Essentials Library
GEOPAK V8i Drainage Essentials Library

GEOPAK V8i Site Essentials Library

Introduction to Corridor Modeling
The Introduction to Corridor Modeler course focuses on the different tools available within the Corridor Modeler as well as the main Corridor Modeler preference dialog. Various miscellaneous tools including Templates and Roadway Designer will also be introduced and their benefits to the user examined in detail. 

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GEOPAK V8i Drainage Essentials Library

Introduction to Drainage
The Introduction to Drainage course presents all of the toolsets available within the Drainage module for the inspection of DTM surface files. We examine the required file types and methodologies available for inspection of DTM surfaces. Each of the DTM Drainage Tools is discussed in detail.

Drainage Preferences
The GEOPAK Drainage Preferences course discusses the various settings required within the Drainage Preferences. Each option is examined, as well as the various methods for the design and analysis of a stormwater system, including required settings for plans production.

Drainage Library
The GEOPAK Drainage Library course introduces the Drainage Library database. Students learn how to standardize the library for current and future projects. Discussions continue with details on the various types of data and input parameters that can be stored within the library.

Drainage Labeling Tools
The Drainage Labeling Tools course focuses on all the labeling tools within the Drainage module. File types and the available methods for creating, saving and recalling label standards are demonstrated. Students learn how to place labels for Areas, Inlets, Nodes and Links. Finally, instructions are provided for updating labels when there are changes in the design.

Drainage DTM Tools
The Drainage DTM Tools course presents the toolsets available for the inspection of DTM surface files, with emphasis on the different required file types and methods. Each of the DTM Drainage Tools are discussed in detail.

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