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Learn GEOPAK the easy way! In each of our GEOPAK courses and tutorials, we provide an interactive learning environment like no book or classroom. Unlike a book, you can do hands-on drills in each course, with movies, audio and interactive multimedia presentations. And, unlike a classroom, you can progress at your own pace, ensuring you fully understand each section before moving on. LearningBay courses are:

  • Used by DOTs, federal and state agencies and hundreds of firms world-wide.
  • Very affordable.
  • Effective and easy-to-use.
  • Fully searchable, making them an excellent reference tool.

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GEOPAK V8i Courses

GEOPAK V8i Corridor Modeler Library

  • Introduction to Corridor Modeler

GEOPAK V8i Drainage Library

  • Introduction to Drainage
  • Drainage Preferences
  • Drainage Library
  • Drainage Labeling Tools
  • Drainage DTM Tools

GEOPAK V8 Courses

GEOPAK Beginning Road Training Library

  • Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Advanced Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Existing Ground Cross Section
  • Project Manager for Road
  • Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

GEOPAK Intermediate Road Training Library

  • Horizontal and Vertical Geometry Layout Tools
  • Plans Preparation Tools for Road Projects
  • Basic Proposed Cross Sections
  • Basic Earthwork
  • Superelevation Tools
  • Storing Graphics
  • Plan Quantities Utilizing GEOPAK

GEOPAK Advanced Road Training Library

  • More Earthwork
  • Advanced Proposed Cross Sections

GEOPAK Site Essentials Library

  • Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Advanced Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Introduction to COGO
  • Classic and Graphical COGO
  • Plans Production Tools
  • Existing Ground
  • Beginning Site Modeler
  • Advanced Site Modeler
  • Plan Quantities

GEOPAK Survey Essentials Library

  • Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
  • Advanced DTM
  • Field Collection Using Survey
  • Office Processing Using Survey
  • Geometry for Surveyors

GEOPAK Drainage Essentials Library

  • Introduction to Drainage
  • Design with Drainage
  • Plans Production Tools for Drainage

GEOPAK PowerCivil Essentials Library

  • Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
  • Classic COGO and Graphical COGO
  • Introduction to Site
  • Introduction to Drainage
  • Water and Sewer — Overview
  • Water and Sewer — Getting Started
  • Water and Sewer — Creating a Water System
  • Water and Sewer — Creating a Sewer System
  • Water and Sewer — Navigator
  • Water and Sewer — Misc. Utilities and Conflict Finder
  • Water and Sewer — Labeler
  • Water and Sewer — Plan Sheets
  • Water and Sewer — Trenching Volumes

GEOPAK Criteria Essentials Library

  • Foundation Concepts
  • Getting Started
  • Basic Draw Commands
  • Variables
  • Writing Criteria With the Criteria Editor
  • Quick Review
  • Using the Criteria Viewer
  • Placing Labels
  • Drawing Cells
  • While Loops
  • More Complex If Statements

GEOPAK 3 Port Criteria (3PC) Courses Library

  • Getting Started
  • Draw Statements and Qualifiers
  • Marked Points
  • Prompts
  • Selection Sets
  • Miscellaneous Commands
  • Working With ASCII Files

GEOPAK Miscellaneous Library

  • Design Info to Construction
  • Sheet Generation
  • GeoTechnical Tools

Courses are concise and contain many tutorials that are laid out in a suggested order. However students can start with any course or tutorial to meet job demands. Courses are grouped into libraries that provide a systematic approach to learning that helps ensure users can apply the data they learn when working on real-world projects.

For descriptions of each of the courses, click on the links below:
GEOPAK V8i course descriptions
GEOPAK course descriptions

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