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Frequently Answered Questions

How do I get a login for www.LearningBayOnline.com?

Anyone can purchase an annual subscription for www.LearningBayOnline.com by calling Axiom at 727-442-7774 and ask to speak to someone about securing a login in order to access our online tutorials.

How many courses and which products are available?

The number of courses available always changes as new courses are being released every month. Currently, there are over 200 online courses  for MicroStation, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture GEOPAK and InRoads.

What is a library?

A library is a collection of related courses that are grouped together. When someone secures a login for LearningBay, they can choose to have access to one or more libraries. Libraries appear inside the Learning Path tab, once logged into LearningBay, with an associated title bar and a list of the related courses.

What if I need to access more than one library?

Related libraries are also collected as a group and are available as a Gold package. For instance, to access just the MicroStation v8i courses, then purchase that specific library. Otherwise, purchase the MicroStation Gold package to access every version of MicroStation training.

Is there a volume discount for purchasing multiple libraries?

Yes, this is automatically applied and presented in our final cost. There is another volume discount available when buying for multiple people in an office or for a corporate site.

What is LearningBay Platinum?

LearningBay Platinum is our premier collection of every library and course available with LearningBay. It also includes any new courses that are released or updated during the year.

How long is my subscription?

Most people purchase annual subscriptions, while some decide to buy multiple years. Yearly subscriptions can be renewed every year at the same price.

Is there an alternative to an annual subscription?

Yes. Libraries can be purchased with Axiom’s Maintenance Plus program which ensures you get all the newest releases and updates, as well as first line support for any tutorial. In place of an annual subscription, you just pay an annual maintenance fee, typically 30% of the initial cost.

Courses are grouped into libraries that provide a systematic approach to learning that helps ensure users can apply the data they learn when working on real-world projects. Each course is concise and contains many tutorials that are laid out in a suggested order. However students can start with any library, course or tutorial to meet job demands.

Can I share a login?

No. Everyone must have their own login as training histories are tracked. Most of the LearningBay tutorials provide completion certificates, as well as earn professional development hours (PDH) which are bounded to just the individual assigned the login.

When and where can I access my courses?

All courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Since LearningBayOnline.com is accessed through a web browser, you can log in at work or home, on the road or from another office. Just log in and you are ready to learn.

What do I need to access courses?

After securing a login, you need to have a web browser that has enabled JavaScript, as well as installed the latest Flash plug-in. For best results, use Internet Explorer 8+, along with Flash 10+. Other browsers can be used, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Just be aware that some of the LearningBay display areas may shift with these other browsers. However, once inside a course, they all work the same in all browsers.

Are sample files and exercises included with tutorials?

Yes. Every lesson page includes videos just as if you are watch over an instructor’s shoulder so you can follow along. Tutorials that require specific drawings offers an unzip link to download them to your computer, as well as step-by-step exercises in a PDF file that can be printed.

Will I have access to new or updated courses and tutorials?

Yes, as long as the new or updated courses and tutorials are for libraries you have subscribed or purchased. These are automatically assigned to your libraries.

What makes your courses and tutorials better than anyone else?

Our courses and tutorials are written by experts who have used the software for years, often as CAD managers and designers. These authors follow stringent procedures to produce tutorials that meet the high Axiom required standards. Every online course begins with a very detailed syllabus that includes a course description, objectives and an outline long before any videos are recorded.

Once produced, the courses remain as very small modules to ensure students can go through the materials successfully with one to two hours. This allows even the busiest person to fit learning into their schedule without having to stop production. LearningBay courses include high resolution videos with full playback controls, information pages that provide word definitions or additional data, as well as a built-in search engine. Finally, a worksheet is provided to document what you have learned.

What if I have questions about a lesson or something seems to be missing from a course?

Axiom encourages students to send all questions about the course or the actual software directly to us in an email. Our instructors review every inquiry and provide appropriate answers. Support is provided which can include a response e-mail, sending an additional PDF document or a phone call and web video conference. When appropriate, provided answers are incorporated into the related course to ensure future students will not have these same questions.

Logging in to www.LearningBayOnline.com

To log into the online site, go to www.LearningBayOnline.com. Once there, enter the username and password that was assigned to you.

Where are all my courses?

After logging in to www.LearningBayOnline.com, click on the “Learning Path” tab. Then, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the “List All” link. All of the courses available to you can now be seen on one page.

What browsers are supported?

Courses can be viewed using most browsers, however it is best viewed in Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and above. If you’re using IE 8, be sure to turn on “Compatibility View” by doing the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8
  2. Select Tools | Compatibility View Settings
  3. Check the box “Display all websites in Compatibility View”

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