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Video-based Inroads V8i Training Now Available from Axiom

Clearwater, Florida USA — Axiom, one of the world’s most experienced developers of time-saving CAD software products and LearningBay training, announces the release of video-based, searchable courses for InRoads V8i.

The video-based courses include topics such as:

  • Getting Started: Pull the cover off of the most fundamental, yet key aspects of getting started with the InRoads software.
  • Settings and Managers: Bring clarity to the nervous system of the software and project data intelligence.
  • Surface Models: Find out exactly and fully what an InRoads Surface model is.
  • Horizontal Geometry: Expand your repertoire into some of the other geometry layout tools.
  • Vertical Geometry: Discover new layout techniques and capabilities.
  • Profiles: Utilize the full potential of the Profile Window — one of the most underutilized aspects of the software.
  • Typical Sections: Learn how to create intelligent sections that develop intelligent design surfaces and master the Create Template interface.
  • Roadway Models: Tap into the tremendous power of the Roadway Designer interface.
  • Cross Sections: Learn what the multitude of settings in the “Create Cross Section” dialog box mean and what they do including how to display the data in cross sections.

The courses include a built-in “Google-like” search engine that allows users to quickly locate precise videos and lesson pages just by using key words or phrases. Additionally, courses are in a Professional Development Hours format, also known as Continuing Education Units, which enables users to count study time toward their professional license renewal (in states where permitted).

With many companies expecting users to do more with fewer resources, reduced training budgets and taking on projects that require InRoads, there is an increasing demand for InRoads training courses that are affordable and effective.

“Most of the companies and firms that we talk with need ways to rapidly learn or improve existing skills,” says Mike Arroyo, Axiom’s world-renowned CAD-training evangelist. “Axiom’s LearningBay focuses on making users billable faster on CAD software at a reduced cost. Now, any company can infuse their staff with InRoads V8i skills for existing or new projects.”

How to Contact Axiom
For more information on LearningBay courses or to see a free, online demonstration, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 3196 or e-mail 3196@AxiomInt.com or visit the InRoads video training page www.LearningBay.com/inroads to find out more about LearningBay’s InRoads training courses.

InRoads V8i Video Training

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