MicroStation V7 Libraries and Courses Descriptions

Courses are concise and contain many tutorials that are laid out in a suggested order. However students can start with any course or tutorial to meet job demands. Courses are grouped into libraries that provide a systematic approach to learning that helps ensure users can apply the data they learn on real-world projects. Below are descriptions of each MicroStation V7 course available.

MicroStation V7 Essentials Library

MicroStation V7 Essentials Library

Introduction to the Environment and Basic Design Functions
This course provides a solid introduction to the MicroStation design environment. Learn how to work with the MicroStation Manager dialog, navigate through the interface and use toolboxes effectively.

Creating Basic Elements and Using Snaps
With a focus on basic MicroStation elements, this course discusses how to create simple elements and documents the common workflow used by designers.

Advanced Element Creation, Hatching and Managing the Undo Process
With a focus on advanced MicroStation elements, this course discusses how to create complex elements and documents the common workflow used by designers.

Elementary AccuDraw and Mastering AccuDraw Techniques
This course discusses the different ways AccuDraw may be used to draw productively. Learn how to use AccuDraw effectively by examples and how it works with different MicroStation tools.

Creating, Manipulating and Managing Levels in Designs
From simple to advanced settings, this course walks you through the basics on setting design values. Learn how to create and use seed files, as well as the different ways of saving settings.

Building Selection Sets, Using Fences and Forming Groups
Learn the various grouping methods including fences, selection sets, graphic groups, named groups, display sets and more.

Changing, Manipulating and Modifying Design Components
There are a series of Modify tools used to alter existing elements. With multiple ways of modifying linear elements, changing corners and aligning objects, it becomes important to master these tools

Working with Libraries, Text and Annotation Tools
This course details the Annotation tools, additional functions for adding details to sheet files. Learn how to set values and use to enhance section details and more.

Measuring Designs and Developing Dimensioning Techniques
MicroStation provides many tools to measure and validate existing elements. Learn the different tools used to measure perimeter, area and distances.

Referencing Information, Using Raster Images and Plotting Designs
This course illustrates how to display data from CAD drawings, photos and scanned images inside the open design. Learn how to use reference tools, generate plots and control prints using pen tables.

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