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InRoads V8i Road Courses

Essentials Beginner Library

  • The Bigger Picture
  • Settings and Managers
  • The Surface Model
  • Horizontal Geometry
  • Profiles
  • Vertical Geometry
  • Typical Sections
  • Roadway Models
  • Cross Sections

Road Essentials Advanced —
The Environment Library

  • Starting Up
  • The InRoads Interface
  • Toolbars
  • Miscellaneous Topics

Road Essentials Advanced —
Settings and Managers Library

  • The Managers
  • Named Symbology Manager
  • Style Manager
  • Preferences

Road Essentials Advanced —
Surface Essentials Library

  • What is a DTM?
  • Surface Creation Part 1
  • Surface Creation Part 2
  • Viewing Surface Tools
  • Design and Editing Surface Tools

Road Essentials Advanced —
Horizontal Geometry Library

  • Geometry Overview
  • Viewing Horizontal Geometry
  • Horizontal Curve Set Layout
  • Horizontal Element Layout
  • Other Horizontal Geometry Tools

Road Essentials Advanced —
Profiles Library

  • Profile Creation
  • More on Profiles

Road Essentials Advanced —
Vertical Geometry Library

  • Overview and Viewing
  • Vertical Layout Tools
  • Other Vertical Tools

Road Essentials Advanced —
Typical Sections Library

  • The Role of Templates
  • Working with an ITL (InRoads Template Library)
  • Backbone Components
  • End Condition Components
  • Template Drag and Drop
  • Template Points and the DTM
  • Templates Revisited

Road Essentials Advanced —
Roadway Designer Library

  • The Roadway Designer Primer
  • Create a Corridor
  • Template Drops
  • Transition Bands
  • Model Considerations
  • The Design Surface

Road Essentials Advanced —
Cross Sections

  • Cross Section Overview
  • Create Cross Sections
  • More Create Cross
  • End Area Volumes

InRoads V8i Survey Courses

Essentials Beginner Library

  • Introducing InRoads Survey
  • Understand Field Coding
  • Understand the Fieldbook
  • Export the Fieldbook

Advanced: Project Orientation

  • Start Orientation
  • Set the Foundation
  • Begin the Work
  • Create the Fieldbook
  • Create the Output

Advanced: Field Coding

  • Review Style Manager
  • Understand Feature Codes
  • Understand Control Codes
  • Learn More Control Codes
  • Work with Import Errors

Advanced: The Fieldbook

  • Review Fieldbook
  • Edit Notes
  • Edit Control Codes
  • More Fieldbook Editing

Advanced: Export Fieldbook

  • Export Geometry
  • Export Surface Model
  • Create Fieldbook Graphics
  • Create Exterior Boundary

InRoads V8/XM Courses

InRoads Overview Library

  • InRoads Essentials
  • Methods, Tools, Reports & Templates
  • InRoads Managers
  • InRoads Locks

InRoads V8/XM Library

  • Surface Review and Display
  • Geometry and Profile
  • Introduction to Roadway Modeling

Settings, Styles and Symbology Library

  • Starting Up
  • Settings, Styles and Symbology
  • Surface Essentials
  • Horizontal Geometry Tools
  • Vertical Geometry Tools
  • Profiling

Surface Modeling Library

  • Typical Sections — Part 1
  • Typical Sections — Part 2
  • Corridor Modeling — Part 1
  • Corridor Modeling — Part 2
  • Cross Sections

Courses are concise and contain many tutorials that are laid out in a suggested order. However, students can start with any course or tutorial to meet job demands. Courses are grouped into libraries that provide a systematic approach to learning that helps ensure users can apply the data they learn when working on real-world projects.

For descriptions of each of the courses, click on the link below:
InRoads for V8i and InRoads for V8/XM course descriptions

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