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Tips & Tricks — Don’t make a new reference file clipping boundary.

Just change the one that’s there. Rick Sewell, beloved CAD ace, helps CAD users every day. Give him a call and find out how you can save time on your projects. By Rick Sewell, Axiom’s Resident Service Genius So you have your clip set up all nice and neat. Then you’re told that you must

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Mastering MicroStation 3D

Why it’s like building a birdhouse. Mike Arroyo, Microstation Advocate, Philosopher And Birdhouse Fan — I didn’t know that building a birdhouse when I was young would be so important to me later in life. But it taught me an excellent lesson in how to teach MicroStation 3D to anyone. I’ll tell you more about

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Why Does Learning 3D Seem Impossible?

Here’s how to make it easier and save you some time. By Mike Arroyo, CAD Guru and Happiness Advocate Even when you have years of CAD experience drawing in 2D, why does learning 3D seem so impossible? Being bright, motivated and able to understand complex software is an advantage, but never the sole reason why

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MicroStation Tips & Tricks: Plotting a 3D Reference as a 3D PDF

By Rick Sewell, Axiom Director of Customer Services Rick Sewell, beloved CAD ace, lives to help CAD users get their projects done on time. He really lives for this stuff. Give him a call and put him to the test. If you want to impress your co-workers and superiors, then provide them with a 3D

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